The Celeirós family from A Barca

The Celeirós has been a family of growers and winemakers since the 19th century. They have always been proud of their nickname, which was well-known in the counties around.

The family has always crafted its wines, from old stumps in an artisan and unique way. Stumps cultivated in the terraces that poke out from the canyon of the River Sil, flooded with the sun, in the place where winemaking dates back to Roman times, and was continued by monks during the Middle Ages.  It is Ribeira Sacra (‘Sacred Shore’), the heart of Galicia.

Passion for wine

In 2011, a group of people arrived from different worlds, but with a shared passion for wine, decided to get started the Celeirós project, based on the production of wines of Galicia, following traditional and craft methods, either in the care and cultivation of the vineyards as in the elaboration of the wines.

At the beginning, we decided to grow our Mencia grape in the Ribeira Sacra and, after months of research and tries, we chose a centennial vine in the Ribeira del Rio Sil, close to its confluence with the river Miño, in territory under DO Ribeira Sacra. For the elaboration, the election was a small and modern winery, “Pena das Donas”, in Pombeiro, Ribas do Sil.

Our first vintages

With our first vintage, Celeirós Mencía 2012, we got a very characteristic wine, which was very well accepted and obtained new followers only by tasting it. But in our mind, we were bearing the idea of elaborating a high quality white wine, made of the popular grapes Albarino. The following year, we started the search for the proper vineyards that could supply those unique grapes to allow the production of the dreamed white wine. In this way, we selected several lands within the D.O. Rías Baixas and begin to create our Celeirós of Barcela 2013 of which we feel satisfied, we and those who had the pleasure and the opportunity to test it.